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Bad Cat EL34 50w

A boutique custom built amp based on a Bad Cat/Matchless type amp. A 50w twin channel amp with a clean channel that is very pure, no tone controls , the signal goes straight to the phase inverter where there is brilliance control similar to the vox ‘cut’ control. The gain channel has the full tone stack and the same brilliance control all with a master volume. All preamp stages are 12AX7’s. The output is Cathode biased and runs two Vintage Mullard EL34’s @100% . The amp also has switchable SS or Tube rectification. 

The amp is very versatile and will cover a lot of tones. Listen to the sound demo's. It can go from Jazz to Bonamassa , to SRV . With the 4x10 I thought of Robert Cray, as he uses this set up with a similar amp. I was also reminded of Landau for some reason with a strat . It's a  fiery amp for sure and is well voiced and suits a wide variety of guitars and pickups.


The amp was paired with a Marshall 4x10 cab with celestion green back 10’s . Mic’d with a classic SM57 and a Sontronics Delta Ribbon mic. Quite some time was taken to find the best speaker and then to achieve perfect phase with the mics along with the best position.

Regular and D.I. profiles were taken of each setting allowing you to mix and match or make your own merged versions for maximum flexibility.

Naming protocol:

Clean Channel: 

All profiles were done with the Tube rectifier except one which will have ‘SS’ at the end. 

Just Volume and the brilliance settings are noted. So: Badcat.V.2.B.5. Is volume at 2 and the brilliance at 5.

Gain Channel:

All profiles were done with the Solid State rectifier expect one that I used the tube , this has ‘TU’ at the end.

The settings for the gain channel are the Gain, The Edge and the Level controls. The brilliance was adjusted to suit. So: Badcat.gain6.E5.L5 is the gain at 6 the edge at 5 and the level at 5 .


All profiles will have D.I. at the end if they’re the D.i. versions.

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