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Purple Paisley-Rocket

The Trainwreck Rocket was designed by the legendary Ken Fisher. He took the best bit's of an AC30 Top boost and created  the 'Rocket' . This became the favorite amp of Brad Paisley who then took it to DR Z who made some tweaks and come up with the Z -Wreck for Brad. This is an amalgamation of those two amps.
The amp has a lot of natural 'chime' and also has plenty of gain on tap so it's designed to be used with the guitar volume control to take it from Clean to Mean.
The Ac30 qualities make it a very versatile amp and it can cover John Schofield Jazz/fusion through Brad Paisley country all the way to full on Brain May rock.
The speaker is a 2x12 cab based on the AC30 cabinet loaded with 60w Jensen Alnico's . A great match to the amp.
The amp is profiled using a vintage Neuman U67 and a classic Sm57 and the direct profiles are taken using the Kemper d.i. box
Naming Scheme
Rocket- the name of the amp ( number) this is the volume setting- (C number) this is the cut setting. The higher the number the less cut is applied so the brighter the sound. The treble and Bass are failry static set at midway. The amp really changes with the volume(gain) and the amount of cut.
There are two profiles with TM and BD. These are a keely mod Timmy and Blues Driver placed in front of the amp for high gain. The profiles will still clean up though with the volume control on your guitar.
the first 50 people will get an extras folder which contains a few profiles of an Express amp which is ther sister to the rocket based on a plexi.
Have fun,

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