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Continuum-John Mayer

 For me John's sound was at it's peak around 2006-2010 when he was using this equipment so I thought it would be nice to make a set of profiles for this.
there are 24 profiles in the pack which is 8 different settings with a STUDIO, MERGED and DI for each
The Amp is the John Mayer signature prototype with some extra tweaks through the classic Dumble/Two Rock oval cutout 2x12 cabinet with vintage celestion G12 -65's.
It was mic'd with a $10,000 1960's U67 a Sure SM 57 and a Sontronics Delta Ribbon mic, through high quality mic pre's. The phase was checked and the mics balanced to give the best sound then fed back to the kemper for profiling.

Naming Protocol:
I've called the amp 'Wonderland' after the Dumble it was based on.
the next number is the volume/gain
we then have various setting from the amp:
Bright: bright switch engaged
Mid: mid switch engaged
Dirty: this switch turns off the local and global negative feedback(presence) It adds a little volume on the amp which gets evened out by the kemper profiling but it also gives a little extra grit. It's subtle but a nice tweak.
STUDIO,MERGED and DI: separate profiles were done for each setting.
TS9: there's a profile with a boutique tube screamer in front of the amp. It's just a crunch so if you want more put a boost in front.

The amp is basically a loud clean amp so don't expect the gain/grit to rise much as the volumes go up. It stays pretty clean.

there's a reverb and delay in all the profiles, it's on some and not others.
If you want to re create john's rig of the time then I'd add a boost then a tube screamer to taste in the first slots. you can then run the boost and TS for extra gain which is what JM does.

Enjoy the pack

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