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Here are a wonderful selection of people with whom I've shared credits on record, TV and Stage

Born into a musical household , Dad played the piano, Mum played the guitar - Marcus soon showed interest in all things musical, starting piano lessons and working through the Royal School of Music grades. Meanwhile school meant another outlet for music and through high school years Marcus played guitar, drums and bass, having lessons on all three instruments. After high school, Marcus was accepted on the jazz course at Leeds College of Music as a piano player. Things changed and after a year he swapped studies to bass, graduating in 1983.


Marcus joined local band Brendan Croker and the 5 O'clock Shadows and spent the next few years touring with artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Cray, John Hiatt and Billy Bragg. The band were eventually signed by the newly formed Silvertone records along with the Stone Roses. ​ The group eventually split up and Marcus, along with Brendan, became part of the Notting Hill Billies which started Marcus' career as a session musician (see below). ​


Marcus has also put out many albums with his musical partner Trevor Jones under the guise of 'Miracle Mile' who have had the accolades of Pop Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Album of the Week many times from the Sunday Times, along with 5 star reviews from Mojo, Q and other music press. ​ 19 years ago Marcus joined the Manfreds and continues to play, and also produce, the band's recent recordings. He also works with his partner Lucinda Drayton, writing, performing and producing with her over the last 10 years. ​ Over the last couple of years Marcus has written the music for two award winning films - 'Eternities Sunrise' and 'Transcending the Storm' - from his Norbury Brook Studios, along with being Musical Director for Russel Oliver Stone

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