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The tweed deluxe really needs no introduction. It’s been used by everyone from Neil Young, The Edge to Larry Carlton and beyond. Designed in the 50’s it’s a small simple 6V6 amplifier with two channels. In its original form it’s a great amp, however it is prone to farting out and various other issues. Howard Dumble decided to put his skill into the amp and basically beefed up all the areas that needed it. Higher filtering in the power section, split Cathodes to stop the 2 volumes interacting and a different, higher voltage rectifier. Speaker is a 1x12 Celestion  Alnico Cream

the amp will give you everything from clear cleans to almost fuzz like tones when cranked. It is an amp to use you guitar volume control , as it will go from falling apart overdrive to clean with just the volume control on your guitar.


As usual with my profiling I chose to use a £12,000 Vintage Neumann U67 and the classic Shure Sm57. I got this technique/combination from working with Mark Knopfler for many years and it works great, on this particular amp after some experimentation I mic’d slightly more closely than usual to get the best profiles. There are a total of 46 profiles in this pack.

Price: £9.99

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