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The amp is a 50w clone of Robben Fords famous Dumble ODS#102 and has been made with custom wound tranformers,6ps Orange drop caps, Dale RND plate resistors, F&T electroyltic power caps, carbon film and carbon comp resistors in the correct places to make a beautiful ODS amplifier.
The two speaker cabinets i the pack are: the 1x12 EVM12-L cabinet that is sealed and ported and is the choice of Larry Carlton. The other is the classic 2x12 Dumble cab with 2x Celestion G12-65 speaker as used by Robben ford.
They have been mic'd with a 1960's Vintage U67 (serial number 115). A classic Sure Sm57 and a handmade Ribbon microphone along the lines of a Royer 121.
The profiles are studio and D.I. I haven't done merged this time as it seems pointless as you can make your own merged profiles from the Di abd studio profiles or mix and match with other cabs to make your own with the Di.
this is the amp I used on my solo album 'Heard' mic'd in exactly the same way.


Naming protocol;
amp name......input gain....OD/Boost/mid/bright settings....master volume
The amp has an input level.
Bright switch
Mid boost(labled deep)
tone stack
OD amount
OD/Clean blend
Master volume
Footswitch for the OD and the Boost( the boost is thin on this amp mainly for neck humbuckers)

Also there are profiles with input gain/OD/Boost/master volume
there are also profiles with just the boost engaged which is a tone stack bypass and some bass sent to ground to thin out the sound.
There are a lot of variety of settings, so look for 'mid' or 'bright' and EQ+ which is a scooped fender like EQ setting.
Also note that the profile with everything on 8 is driving the whole amp so the 'clean' sound is still gritty.
I've also added a profile with the 'Dumbleator' in the FX loop. This is a valve buffered FX driver which by itself adds and extra level of tone and compression and some say is part of the Dumble sound.
The amp is very touch sensitive, so it will respond to your picking dynamics and the volume control of your guitar, so you could choose an OD setting but roll the volume back on your guitar for a clean/crunch. Experiment and see what you can find.
The first 100 people will have a Joey Landreth folder. There are the profiles of the amp he used in London in 2017

D*mble 80's ODS- 'Heard' Pack

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