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perfect recreation of the 1970's Dumble overdrive special 50w combo.


This pack contains profiles from an exact recreation of a 1970's 50w Dumble ODS combo. This is the same period amp that David Lindley used with jackson brown 'Running on Empty'. His amp has the classic snakeskin covering, but underneath it's the same amp as this one.
the original combo had an Altec Alnico speaker. This has a celestion high powered Alnico cream which is a great fit for the amp.
The amp was mic'd with a combination of a (£10,000) vintage 1960's U67 serial #116, a classic Sure SM57 and a custom made Ribbon mic similar to the royer 121.

there are 40 profiles in this pack including Studio and DI

There are Clean settings with various pre amp volumes, that will be the number on the profile.
there are some profiles with 'Deep' switch in; DP 'Bright' switch BR.
Then there are 'Overdrive' settings: OD
There are also settings using the FET, this is what David Lindley used as his sound.
the FET is basically a very high quality clean boost, it also adds a little high end too.
there are FET versions of both clean and OD, on clean it makes for a nice SRV strat tone.<